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12 PACK - 80ct Disinfecting Wipes

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SONO Disinfecting Wipes establish the perfect balance between efficacy, efficiency, and material compatibility as a comprehensive, one-step, medical-grade, cleaning product. When used as directed, our wipes eliminate a market-leading number of bacteria, fungi, and viruses while delivering exceptional cleaning performance. Unlike conventional wipes, SONO Wipes are free of solvents with a high vapor pressure, resulting in a product with superb material compatibility and moisture levels that are sustained for much longer, even in hot environments like inside your car on a sunny day. They can be used to disinfect and sanitize a wide variety of hard surfaces, from medical equipment like ultrasound and ECG machines, to common items in your home, such as computer keyboards, door handles, floors and bathroom fixtures. You can also use them on gym and exercise equipment, the interiors of automobiles, and more.
  • Made in the USA, Compliant with the EPA, FDA, and TSA - Perfect disinfectant wipes for gyms, schools, offices (desks, surfaces, furniture upholstery, etc.), house (kitchen, bathroom, door knobs, floors etc), CPAP masks + units, desktops, devices, mice, and keyboards
  • Medical Grade - Trusted by Hospitals - Picks up dirt and leaves the surface wet longer
  • SONO wipes can be used on multiple surfaces including counters, appliances, sinks and toilets, leather furniture upholstery, kitchen and bathroom surfaces.
  • Disinfectant Wipes' EPA Registration: 6836-340-89018 - This registration proves our wipes' efficacy and medical grade status