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6 PACK - Hand Sanitizing Wipes

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SONO Healthcare Hand Sanitizing Wipes have the same germ-fighting action you’ll find in liquid hand sanitizer, but add the ability to scrub away contaminants. Plus, you get the right amount with every wipe, every time, so you don’t have to worry about drips, spills or not using enough. They’re also infused with a gentle moisturizer and all-natural bergamot fruit oil. You’ll never have to worry about them drying out your hands with frequent use. In fact, it’s closer to treating your hands to a spa day. You’re already familiar with bergamot fruit if you’ve ever taken a sip of Earl Grey tea. It’s what gives it such a distinctive flavor. The fruit has a scent very similar to an orange, but it also contains a light floral note. You’ll also find it as an ingredient in many perfumes and colognes, and it has been used for centuries as a natural remedy to treat stress and a number of skin conditions. SONO Healthcare Hand Sanitizing Wipes are tough on germs, so much so that they eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. You and your family can confidently use it to stay safe from the hazards your hands come into contact with every day. The moisturizing formula is also alcohol-free, so it won’t sting if you have a cut. This also means your hands will stay soft longer than what you would expect from alcohol-based products that evaporate quickly.
  • GENTLE: The soothing, rich moisturizer keeps your hands feeling soft and smelling fresh.
  • EFFECTIVE: FDA registered
  • FRESH: Bergamot fruit is similar to the scent of an orange, but with an additional light floral note. Bergamot is what gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive flavor, and it’s widely used in perfumes and colognes.
  • ALCOHOL-FREE: The no-sting formula is ideal for cuts or scrapes, and won’t dry-out your hands.
  • REMOVES DIRT: All the germ-fighting benefits of a liquid hand sanitizer, but allows you to wipe away other contaminants on your hands.